For the Love of Rainboots

I think I’ve officially forgotten what it means to go to work, and yes, this happened after just four days. Could pose a problem coming back after February break.  Keeping my mind on today, I am thrilled we had another  snow day. Now, I should disclose that this day included backing down a street because giant snowbanks prevent two way traffic and getting a parking ticket because I missed the “Snow Emergency” memo that is apparently plastered all over the city. Whoops.

I woke up this morning knowing it would be a good day and made it just that. Figuring out a way to work out without further injuring shins-check. The elliptical may be my new best friend. Combating snow drifts that make it near impossible to open the car door let alone get to a sidewalk-done.


Love my rainboots. Love stomping through puddles and slush without a second thought.  I totally get why little kids can’t resist puddles and why my first graders charge straight for them right after the “no puddles at recess” talk. I just can’t let them know that 🙂

Tomorrow means back to work (I think) and a busy few days before break, but I’m intent on enjoying the rainy “snow day” for at least a few more hours. Happy Monday!


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