A sigh of relief.

After the shin pain I’ve been dealing with for the past week and my experiences with shin splints in the past (for anyone who hasn’t experienced them–they are the worst!), I was nervous heading to the doctor this morning.  The doctor poked my shin, had me toe walk and heel walk and walk walk around the tiny exam room and had my shin x-rayed.  Good news! No stress fracture. It seems I just have shin splints, so I can stick to my usual drill of daily icing, stretching and resting. Now…where to fit in the running and training for the Boston Marathon?!

I’ve read lots about compression sleeves and socks, and after my minor shin-related panic attack on Sunday, I ordered a delightful hot-pink pair of compression socks to rock on my next run. Check these out! They are supposed to make a huge difference during/after a run and have a butterfly on them–what’s not to love?! The plan for now is to break them in on a long run when I am back home in CT this weekend.

I am already excited to run-fingers crossed shins will be in good shape with almost 2 weeks since my last run.  I NEVER thought I would be that person, you know the one who says the enjoy working out and look forward to running? Call me crazy, but that’s me. Not everyday, not for every run, and there are some days when I still drag my feet through the door of the gym, but I have found a groove that works for me and that keeps me motivated.  Until my run Saturday, I’ll stick to trudging around the playground, “reminding” kids not to climb on the 10 ft tall snow mounds that are covering the field. I can only predict what they will do when we say “no climbing on the snow mounds,” but I guess one can always dream 😉

What motivates you? (How’s that for a BIG question)

What’s your favorite workout?


2 thoughts on “A sigh of relief.

  1. Janelle

    Enjoying reading your blog Lauren 🙂

    As you know… my latest fave workout is my spin class! Hoping to keep my injury at bay too! Tx for helping me out today! xo


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