Happy Valentine’s Day, Dear

I love Valentine’s Day. Many people think it’s just a Hallmark holiday, and I get it, but it doesn’t stop me from mailing cards, buying chocolates, heart beads and stickers.  Oh, and you can bet I wore a hot pink sweater to school, and completed my outfit with plastic red heart beads. Lucky for me, six and seven year olds seem to share my excitement, and came in this morning decked out in pink and red and hearts.  I’m not going to lie, I was even a little jealous of one outfit–picture it: a heart printed dress with a tutu, red leggings, purple socks, pink headband and sparkly shoes. Girl had some serious Valentine’s spirit! The kids couldn’t contain their excitement decorating paper lunch bags with stickers and shapes, passing out Snoopy, Avengers and Angry Birds cards, pieces of candy (contraband in our school) and even a few hand-drawn masterpieces. And neither could I.  The valentines I gave out were animal themed, a deer with the message “Happy Valentine’s Day, Dear”, a bear “Can’t bear to be without you”, a turtle “I got your back”, and a peacock  with “You color my world”. Serious cuteness factor, and the kids seemed to like them too.


My Valentine loot.

Whether or not I have a Valentine, there is never a holiday that goes by without my sweet parents sending me a little Valentine’s love. And I love them all the more for it.ImageHowever you are spending Valentine’s Day, I hope you are surrounded by flowers, chocolates and the people you love, whoever they are. In my case, that meant 21 pink and red wearing, heart-drawing Valentines who certainly made the day great! XO

More on my shin status, and how important strength training is (in my book) tomorrow…


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