Taking a Break

3:00 yesterday brought a flurry of excitement, teachers doing little victory dances, high-fiving each other, packing bags, oh, and that’s when the kids get dismissed too. The stampede of 400 feet, that were certainly NOT walking in the hallway, was a welcomed sight, as was the drive home. This is one of the first times I have not have every day of my vacation/break planned (I’m a freak who loves to be on the go), and I’m doing my best to embrace it. Letting go and relaxing is tricky for me–but I’m determined to let it happen over the next week.

So far I think I am doing a pretty good job relaxing, and staying in a quiet house watching two great dogs for my neighbors has been great. I remembered this morning what quiet is like, the conversation ended really quick with the pooches 😉 and I was able to do my own thing without having to utter a word to anyone. A welcomed break from the conversations I have with 21 little people, my amazing coworkers, family and friends throughout the week. Maybe quiet every once in a while is a good thing.

I’m definitely still worried about my shin–running around sledding in the snow with some adorable little peeps today gave me a reminder that it is not healed yet! My plan is to try some treadmill jogging tomorrow, fingers crossed. Time is ticking away until the marathon but I am still holding out some hope that I can recover and train, and that I will able to cross the finish line in downtown Boston injury-free! Here’s to a balanced, relaxing week ahead…

How do you enjoy the quiet?

Have you ever had to postpone something/drop out because of injury?


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