My frenemy, the treadmill

I have never really been a fan of the treadmill. I am used to being constantly on the go, so the thought of staying in one place for the entirety of a run is unappealing to me when I compare it to getting outside and exploring new places during a run.  Don’t get me wrong, I recognize many of the advantages of treadmill running, including a more forgiving and shock-absorbent surface, being able to control and change your running speed and incline at will, and being able to get a workout in no matter what the weather is like.

When I started thinking about coming back from shin splints and getting my body back into training, I knew I’d have to use the treadmill. Yesterday, I tried running for 15 minutes in between other cardio machines, and had no pain! Today, I pushed myself through the boredom to run for 30 minutes–in my fabulously bright knee-high socks.  The compression socks felt good, and whether or not they are the reason I was able to run pain free I figure I’ll keep using them.Image

You know this is the look you wish you could rock at the gym!

There are people who LOVE the treadmill, and go for miles without experiencing the level of boredom where if you are on for one more minute you might fall off the treadmill no matter how thrilling the episode of Law and Order is on the gym TV. I am not one of those people, but have a few tricks to get myself in the groove of running on the treadmill.

1. Set a time goal for yourself (I will run for 30 minutes), and stick to it. If you stop, so does the clock–I find this keeps me accountable

2. Intervals! I have been able to stay on the treadmill for way longer than I thought possible when I followed an interval workout (example: 1 mile warmup, 2 min at 6.6 (or whatever starting speed), jump off for 30 sec, 2 min at 6.8, jump off for 30 sec. Continue this-increasing speed by .2 each time for 5 intervals and then do them in reverse and end with a few minutes of cool down)

3. Awesome music! When my motivation is waning during a run, its usually because I’m not loving the song I am listening to-so I try to have great, upbeat music for every run. I will share some of my playlist soon 🙂

So, for now, the treadmill is more my friend than enemy, but my goal is to be back outside by Saturday. Have a fabulous Monday evening!


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