You aren’t from New York, are you?

The past few days at home have been pretty wonderful, I haven’t been over-scheduled (shocking), have eaten some amazing food, am on the road back to running and have been spending time with  people I love. Seriously, I’m feeling pretty lucky right now.  Image

Spice market at Grand Central Station

I spent yesterday exploring NYC with one of my closest friends and resident fashionista. Seriously, she knows what she’s talking about…check out her blog Anyways, one of the highlights of our day together was lunch at Luke’s Lobster–I thought I’d died and gone to comfort food heaven.


Chowda and Lobster Grilled Cheese…my mouth is still watering…

We walked to the Met, explored Central park and I discovered the Alice in Wonderland statue (I didn’t discover it really, but first time I’d seen it 😉 ). I could stay in New York forever just walking around and eating everything in sight. Before getting on the train home, I ventured back into the Grand Central Market for some berries that looked and tasted amazing, even though they cost a small fortune (gotta love no price labels on anything). While waiting to pay, a man stepped in front of us and when he realized his mistake he asked “did I jump in front of you?” The response, “Um, yes, I think you did, thank you.” He continues to ask if I am from New York, and says that he’s sure I’m not because I didn’t demand that he give us our line spot and was polite.  Stereotypical and sad that people don’t expect politeness and are in fact shocked by it! (For the record, I technically am from NY, born in Brooklyn).


Having an artsy Instagram moment with a photo from our afternoon stroll in the park.

Tomorrow I head back to the treadmill to keep up with my running comeback, but for today, I’ll keep eating great food, playing Thomas trains with the cutest three-year old boys and relaxing (or trying to).

I hope your week is off to an equally good start! xo


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