Frozen: The aftermath of getting caught in freezing cold rain on a long run)

The dreary sky this morning did not help get me psyched up for a long run today, and I have to admit I was quite nervous about my shins. Thank goodness for a fabulous running buddy who was suited up and ready to tackle almost 9 miles this morning (I decided against 10 since this was my first long run in a while). Getting out, running the streets of my hometown was quiet and peaceful, with just our conversations filling the air. One of the perks of the run this morning was few cars on the road, meaning we could run side by side and get lots of good talk time in.

After about 4 miles, we tackled a giant hill that stretched about 1/2 mile, and I was not a fan. Hopefully I’ll become much more accustomed to hills before the Boston Marathon! After the hill it started to drizzle, which turned into a light freezing rain that lasted for the rest of our run. As soon as we finished I realized just how cold I was–and three hours and a hot shower later I still am! My bright idea to get a smoothie really helped with warming up ;). 

I am currently icing my shins, foam rolled and stretched earlier and will again tonight.


Fingers crossed I stay pain free! It wasn’t my best long run, but it was a good start to getting back to training after a 2.5 week hiatus. Here’s to some great long runs in the coming Saturday mornings! I plan to stay warm and dry for the rest of the day, and enjoy my last full day at home as break sadly comes to an end.

What do you eat to recover after runs? Have you ever done an ice bath? (The idea is a little scary but I’m thinking of trying it soon).

Have a wonderful Saturday afternoon!


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