Bracing for Monday

After having such a great week at home, I was dreading the inevitable 8pm Sunday night crunch of needing to organize and prepare for week of work ahead.  During my break, I really allowed my myself to relax and got to spend time with my parents, cousins and friends.  I learned a valuable lesson from one cousin, “you don’t need to wear socks with pajamas because Ariel doesn’t wear socks when she’s in the ocean.” Obviously.

My parents treated me to dinners out and of course made some amazing food. My dad (who may or not have been hinting he wanted a little blog attention) wowed us all with his homemade pulled pork and barbecue sauce. Seriously YUM. I don’t think I’ve ever had barbecue sauce that didn’t come from a bottle before, and sadly, unless dad continues to make and send his sauce to me, I will have to return to the bottle. I am spoiled at home. And I love it. I provided my parents with quite a bit of entertainment, although I did slightly upset their empty nesters’ routines. And there may have been a threat of a certain toaster ending up in my bed if it didn’t find its way back into the cabinet. Oops.

Even with the relaxing I did at home, I accomplished some things too. I am on my way back into my marathon training groove, getting job applications started and starting to figure things out for life beyond June. Oh and did I mention I ate. A lot. Too much. But I guess that’s what vacation is for 😉

Tomorrow will bring 21 smiling faces, who may or may not have forgotten school routines, tired teachers who are seriously relying on coffee to make it through the day, and delicious leftovers from home. Bring it Monday. For the next few hours I’ll focus on important things–outfit planning, Oscar watching, roommate chats. Enjoy the last few hours of the weekend!


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