Trying a New Recipe: Granola Bars

As I read more and more blogs written with a focus on fitness and healthy living, I am continually inspired to cook and bake new things. I love packing bars in the car or in my work bag for a snack after school or a “just-in-case-I-get-caught-in-traffic-and-am-dying-of-starvation” kind of snack. When I came across this recipe for homemade granola bars, I raided my parents’ pantry for some ingredients and quickly went out to get whatever my parents didn’t have to make them.

In my excitement to make them I may have bombarded my mom in the kitchen while she was making a delicious dinner, but come on, that kitchen is big enough for the two of us. I decided to add a combination of chocolate chips, chopped raw almonds and dried cranberries to the original recipe and I have to say they came out delicious! For whatever reason, either poor mixing technique or not enough wet ingredients, they were more crumbly than I planned, so they are more granola shards than bars, but still AMAZING. Yum. And because granola is in the name they have to be healthy, right?



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