Running fast and Happy Kids

Since getting back on Sunday afternoon, I feel like I’ve been going a mile a minute and am in some serious need of downtime-weekend come quick! In the spirit of being speedy, I got back to the gym and tried some intervals on Monday.  I was able to run pain free, maybe because I rocked my bright purple compression sleeves, and could be easily spotted from across the gym in my lovely get-up.  I’m trying to stretch, foam roll, and ice every day whether or not I run, which will hopefully keep me pain free and running until April 15!

Today I had a short window of opportunity for running, and while I much prefer running outside, I figure better to stay dry than risk slipping in the monsoon outside.  I found playing around with the speed and incline kept me occupied for 40 minutes on the treadmill (I would’ve liked to run further but I might’ve passed out from boredom after that point!). Next up for workouts, strength training tomorrow and going for….12 miles on Saturday 🙂

I’m going to get super cheesy for a minute, but the best part of today was probably the last 20 minutes of the school day when I read aloud to my kiddos. I pulled out an Arthur Ashe biography (since we are teaching them about biographies) and told the kids that I really didn’t know anything about him and was excited to learn with them. The kids LOVED the story, as in everyone quiet with eyes glued on the pages, eager hands flapping in the air waiting to ask questions, and smiles when I closed the book. Arthur Ashe had an amazing tennis career, and instead of leaving the game when he had a heart attack he stayed on the court as a coach. Throughout his life he faced segregation and fought so other kids wouldn’t have to face the same challenges growing up.  It is really pretty cool when the kids are so excited and interested and want to keep asking questions and sharing their comments on a book when you’re done reading. Great end to a rambunctious, indoor-recess, monsooning, IPad obsessed (new in the classroom and the kids asked about 10 times when they could use them during reading) day.

More tomorrow on my cooking attempts with quinoa….


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