Finally Friday: Flat Tires and Festivities

You know those mornings when you feel super organized and out the door early? Well those don’t happen very often for me, but this morning was one of them. I even had extra time to stop at Dunkin Donuts to get a much needed TGIF coffee. Fast forward 10 minutes and hello eating the curb and flat tire. Whoops! My front tire wasn’t just flat, it was slashed and it was clear this wasn’t a patch job. (I should’ve taken a photo but was too preoccupied trying to get myself and all my things to work). I am so thankful for the sweet, understanding man at auto repair shop who recognized that I didn’t know where a spare was from where my missing glove is and handled the whole situation. He picked up my car, tracked down the replacement tire, and had it road-ready by 3:30. Thank you sir.

Then it was time for the Seussical festivities that marked our school’s celebration of all things Dr. Seuss.  Local firefighters, police officers, the superintendent and district employees were guest readers in every classroom for the morning. Ours came in thinking he was reading Worton Hears a Who and left knowing more about the elephant and first grade minds than he bargained for. Oh and rocking a hot pink and blue hat with flowers hanging from the brim really got me in the spirit of the day.


Happy Friday Everyone! Getting ready for a long run tomorrow, and maybe I’ll brush up on my Dr. Seuss reading in honor of his birthday 😉


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