10 Things for 10 Miles

The plan for this morning was to get out and run 12 miles, and while I didn’t get quite that mileage I’m happy with what I did. The weather was great this morning, crisp and sunny, and I was pumped up for a long run along the Charles. Here’s a glimpse into how it went…

1. Compression socks don’t work for me on long runs. They are much thinner than my typical running socks, which meant I was uncomfortable for 6 of the 10 miles until I started getting used to them. I think I’ll stuck to running socks and calf sleeves from now on.

2. A run is a run is a run. Yes, I had to stop a few times to stretch my calves and walked for a few minutes on the Cambridge side of the river, but I still got the run done. The most important thing is to keep going and finish out the run.

3. The Charles River is my new favorite place to run. Nothing is quite as motivating as running along the water with so many other people who are out running, walking and biking. And getting to the Cambridge side of the river is well worth the mileage-nothing like this view of Boston.


4. Racing rowing clubs is fun. Several crews were out practicing on the Charles this morning, and it was neat to be running alongside them. I don’t think I kept pace with any crews, but all the boats looked the same from the shore so I’d like to think I did.

5. Strength training 2 days before a long run isn’t a good idea. I thought doing a tough strength workout on Thursday would be plenty of time, but clearly my body needs more recovery before 10+ miles. My legs were tired and I felt like I was dragging for most of my run.

6. Neon running gear makes it more fun. I will be embracing the bright colors of my compression sleeves and running tops from now on. And these cool new running sneaks will help too (I swear I didn’t just get them because of the colors, they felt the best out of 7 pairs that I tried running in!)


7. For me, music makes the run. When I start getting bored with my music, I start going slower and lose focus. I guess it’s time for a new playlist.

8. 6 weeks out is a good time to try new fuel. I love the Honey Stinger gummies and Sports Beans, but am interested in trying GU and maybe other energy fuel so that I’m fully ready for 4/15!

9. I lose things when I run. I’ve lost a glove running before (holding it in my hand) and today lost one of my trusty Fuelbelt water bottles. I must not have put it back in the belt properly, because I looked down around mile 7 and it was gone. Too bad, so sad.

10. Long runs=power. Even though I didn’t hit the 12 mile mark I hoped to, getting 10 miles in makes me realize that my body is strong and I will be able to run 26.2…in 6 weeks!


Pre-run happy. Too sad about the missing water bottle to get an after picture (and I was too sweaty).

P.S. I clocked 10.4 miles this morning but “10 Things for 10.4 Miles” didn’t sound as catchy

What is your favorite piece of running gear? Do you wear compression socks/sleeves?

Favorite songs for working out? I need ideas 🙂


3 thoughts on “10 Things for 10 Miles

  1. Tiffany

    Awesome job! I wonder if we were running on opposite sides of the river at the same time. Or maybe we were following each other. 🙂

  2. Jeanne

    Rock the socks baby!! I’m w u in spirit!

    U run BEST w a running buddy 😉

    I’ll think of a list of song to motivate u …

    Love the blog & LOVE the new shoes! I may have to copy u …


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