Trying a New Recipe: Crockpot Honey Sesame Chicken

I love getting the chance to cook and even more love when I find people (aka roommates) to eat my food! I swear I’m a decent cook, it’s just tricky to match up schedules with the roommates and find a time for everyone to eat what I’m making. Cue Sundays. My cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, errand extraordinaire day! I don’t use the crockpot nearly enough, so I thought I’d bust it out of its cabinet (amid an avalanche of other things falling out of our overly stuffed cabinets).

The recipe: sesame honey chicken from, which has a million recipes I want to try. This one was pretty easy, and while my measurements may have been a bit off (I halved it and didn’t have the measurement I needed-actually I don’t think anyone has a 1/6 cup). I will definitely be making chicken in the crockpot more to use for salads and quick dinners. This recipe turned out great, and I served it with brown rice and roasted broccoli and zucchini. Yum.


My roommate was a fan as well. That, in combination with some delicious ice cream and movie watching with the roommates was a perfect end to the weekend. AND we are almost halfway to our next weekend, yay!

Oh and here’s an after picture of my roommate’s plate. I feel like I’ve done something right when we are both members of the clean plate club.



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