14 Miles and a Pigeon in the Face

As I was getting dressed for my run this morning, I was feeling pretty good. I had some new songs on my running playlist, had warm enough clothes for the chilly weather and was trying out my awesome new sneakers for a long run. I was optimistic that because the roads seemed pretty clear, the sidewalks would be as well. FALSE. For most of the first two miles, I ran in the street instead of on the slick, uneven, ice-covered sidewalk, which was okay because there weren’t too many cars at 7am.  When I got into the city, the sidewalks were dicey, some parts clear and some covered with ice. I was dodging slushy curbs and puddles, and yes, I failed to dodge a few puddles and ended up with wet socks. Thankfully they dried quickly.

Running on the sidewalk in Kenmore Square, I saw a bunch of pigeons milling around and wasn’t concerned-I figured they were scared of me and would stay clear. Wrong. A few pigeons started flying and one flew right up in my face before deciding he’d rather fly a little higher up. My heart may have skipped a beat. 

On the bridge over to Cambridge, I was convinced I was going to slide off into the freezing Charles River. No, this wasn’t actually possible since there were railings, but the amount of ice on the sidewalk scared the beejeezus out of me and I was slip-sliding the whole way across.

Running on the ice was an adventure, for the most part I was bracing to fall and was grabbing onto the railing on the pathway so that I wouldn’t end up sliding and hurting myself. My legs got tired a lot quicker and it was mentally exhausting. Seeing this view definitely helped.


Heading back in the direction towards home I was feeling good and was proud of myself, I had almost run a half marathon before 9am! I may have gotten a little bit turned around and couldn’t find a footbridge to get back across Storrow Drive, and I may have run back into Cambridge before realizing and turning around. And I may have reached 14 miles still 2 miles from home and hailed a cab, promising the driver that I had cash to pay him with in my apartment. Thanks for trusting me sir. BUT I finished. I ran 14 miles before 9:30am, at a reasonable pace, and survived. Booya. Now off to recoop and ice some more. And I plan to avoid pigeons for the rest of the weekend.

Oh and I was quite proud that I survived the run and in a decent time for a training run.


What is something you tackled today? (Hopefully you didn’t encounter any pigeons)

How do you manage running in the snow and ice?


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