Brunchin’ and Antelopes

This weekend was a blur of running and eating. And definitely more eating, which is saying a lot seeing as running entailed 14 miles. After a yummy tapas dinner on Saturday, I ventured out to Tupelo in Cambridge for brunch on Sunday. And only at the request of my lovely foodie friend who is convinced that I’m a hermit and never get out. Obviously I had to prove her wrong.

Bring on the YUM. I have always wanted to try chicken and waffles, and I can definitely say it was worth the wait. Seriously amazing. As were the grits with mixed BBQ on top. This foodie friend is the bomb-totally got my need to get two dishes and split so we both could try different things.


Amazing food with two lovely ladies made for a lovely start to my Sunday. Oh, and it made the whole “we lost an hour/why is it dark when I wake up/I’ll be dragging ’til I catch up with the hour change” thing a whole lot more bearable. P.S. We don’t actually glow, but do love Instagram and all the different effects it has 😉


6:30 this morning hit me like a ton of bricks. Especially if these bricks were being thrown at me when it was still dark outside and it was “actually” 5:30. It took me a little extra time to get going this morning. Fast forward to this afternoon, the highlight of my day. While in P.E. the kids were asked their favorite animals, and one of my kiddos responded “an antelope”. When the teacher asked if he could explain what an antelope is, the response was amazing. “An antelope is a melon.” Excellent rhyming skills, but maybe needs some help distinguishing between safari animals and delicious orange fruits. Oh to be six.

What’s your favorite meal to eat out with friends? Do you ever get mocked for being a “lame hermit” like me?

Do you know what an antelope is? 😉



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