Working it Out

The marathon is closing in (31 days but who’s counting) and I’m crossing my fingers and toes that I can get through the remainder of training and the 26.2 healthy and uninjured. I’m doing my best to ice and foam roll every night, and have even been caving and wearing sneakers to work every once in a while. I’m going a little crazy with the job search revving up, the hunt for the perfect apartment and training-but work and working out are providing some good distractions.

I left work feeling pretty good yesterday, maybe because I had a six year old tell me “you are CORRECT” every time I correctly figured out a problem, maybe because the sun was shining and the temperature was creeping up in the 50s. Cue hot pink calf sleeves, bright blue sneakers laced up, and Beacon Street a-buzz with people getting on and off the T, heading home from work.

ImageA little pre-run posing

I’m more than ready for Friday, and actually looking forward to pushing myself on Saturday, for 16 MILES. Tomorrow night will be filled with organizing my playlist, filling up my water bottles for the awesome-definitely not dorky-water belt and tracking down some Vanilla Gu. I’ve been told its the stuff to try as I experiment with different kinds of running fuel. Oh and Saturday I’ll be running with my awesome new Garmin, which I might be more excited about than the actual running.


Happy Almost Weekend!


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