16 Miles and some things I didn’t know before I started training

My body is not a fan of marathon training in the winter. The calendar says spring is 5 days away, but apparently Boston hasn’t received the memo. It was below 30 degrees this morning. And windy! Something funny is going on with my hip flexor, and my body is just feeling spent. How is that for a good whine?

Moving on to positive things! Even at 8am, the city was abuzz with people out strolling and enjoying the sunny (and chilly) morning. I was very excited to try out my new Garmin, which I think helped make the run easier…although I very nearly tripped a few times looking at my wrist instead of the ground ahead of me.  The Boston Commons was beautiful, sun was shining, kids in ice skating lessons on Frog Pond, a great spot for views of the early morning city.

ImageNow for things I didn’t know before training started:

1. There is a kind of Gu that is tolerable and definitely helped keep me moving. Vanilla. Thanks to my wonderful coworker for the suggestion.

2. When you run for more than two hours you get hungry. I need to work on a solution to that. Not sure bringing along a sandwich in my fuel belt is the solution.

3. Lacrosse balls can be your frenemies. They can get to sore and tight muscles that no amount of foam rolling can…BUT it really hurts. A lot.

Yes, this run was tough. Yes, I am sore now. But, I did it.


My second to longest run of training (the length of my longest is TBD). And I am now armed with six lacrosse balls (in case I lose one?) and lots of Vanilla Gu for next week. Off to recover and relax…..Happy St. Patty’s Day Eve!


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