The ever-growing to do list, and a snow day in mid-March.

The 5:07am call from the superintendent announcing a snow day is becoming pretty common this winter. Don’t get me wrong-I am thrilled to have a day off from work, a day when I can still be in my pajamas at 11am, a day to give myself the luxury of a flexible schedule. Snow days are always a welcomed occurrence, though something tells me I hope be quite as happy when the heat of the last week of June in a stuffy classroom is getting the best of me. Here’s to efforts to remain in the present 😉

I am a big list maker. It’s how I get organized and feel productive. The problem lies when my to-do list continues to grow, and not many things get crossed off. The things on my to-do list right now are big ticket items: Run the Boston Marathon. Finish job applications. Find a teaching job. Find a new apartment. Pay bills. These are all things that have to get done ASAP, and they will, even if it means bribing myself with watching tv shows, online shopping, and the occasional nightly chocolate and glass of wine. I can do this. The hard part is knowing that even with a day off today, I won’t be able to cross these things off my list. Some things need to stay on the list for a few weeks or even months. And I’m working on being okay with that.

For now, I’ll keep taking the baby steps–looking on Craigslist for apartments, finalizing cover letters and application open responses, and logging training workouts, and hope that sometime in the near future I can get out my lovely purple pen and cross some things off my list.  And the distraction of my 21 first grade friends helps too. Especially when they teach me things like “5 +5=10. That’s an equation,” and “I am strict”=I’m grounded. Who would’ve thought?! What would I do without these kiddos?

Here’s to a productive, relaxing (may seem like an oxymoron but being productive is relaxing to someone type-A like me) snowy day.


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