Trying a New Recipe: Apple-Bacon-Cheddar Mac ‘n’ Cheese

My mouth started to water from the second I flipped the page to this recipe. I love mac ‘n’ cheese. I love apples. And who doesn’t love bacon? It had to be made. I waited for the perfect opportunity this weekend, when I had some guinea pigs to test out the recipe on. And it was worth the wait.  The recipe was fairly straight forward, and I was pretty excited that I got to try my hand at making a roux. I’m pretty proud of myself that I successfully did it, even though I’m sure it’s second nature to many people. The smell of bacon permeating the apartment was amazing. I love bacon, but really only eat it when eating out, so it was pretty special to be cooking it myself 😉

Anyways, thanks to Rachael Ray’s excellent taste and clear recipe, we had a delicious Sunday dinner. And Monday lunch (for my roommate) and Monday dinner side (for me). Yummy!



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