After 19 miles will I still have swag? Or working feet?

I have the makings of a rocking Friday night-7:41pm and PJs already on, ice packs on my shin, catching up on the week’s TV, running clothes laying on my chair, foam roller out and ready for some stretching. Yep, you know you wish you were me.

Just over three weeks out from the Boston Marathon and my longest training run is fast approaching, in 12 hours to be exact.  19 miles means committing to running for more than 3 hours, relying on energy gummies, Gu and Gatorade to get me through. It will be a challenge. And I may not enjoy every minute of it, in fact there may be several miles where I am really not enjoying myself, but I am determined to make it 19 miles. If I can do 19, what’s 7.2 miles more?

I’m thankful for mostly cleared sidewalks, finding a friend to make the long run with me, the start of a rocking playlist, and all my winter running gear ready to go. Here’s hoping I’m still moving after the 19, able to at least crawl up the stairs of me apartment into the kitchen for my post-run reward of chocolate milk.

For now, I relax. Even with a snow day this week, I am still beat. Somewhere between catching one of my first graders in the act of sneaking outside sans snow boots and hearing a “tattle” of yet another incident of counting cubes in someone’s mouth, I survived Friday and made it safely to my couch. Time to rest up for tomorrow…tales of the trek across Boston to come 🙂

ImageJust a few things ready for my run…


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