Don’t you love when the waiter asks “are you really hungry?”

Why, yes sir, I am really hungry-maybe it’s because I ran 19 miles? In his defense, I did order the restaurant week prix fixe meal and then a salad from the regular menu. I wonder what he would’ve said if I’d asked for a side of prime rib with my meal 😉

19 miles accomplished. BOOM. That’s what the wind and chilly air felt like. I have never run in wind quite like I experienced this morning, but I survived and rocked it. Even though the calendar says it’s spring, Boston hasn’t gotten the memo, so I was thankful for super warm running tights, gloves and multiple layers! Running with a friend was a nice change, it kept me accountable knowing someone else had the same lengthy goal I did. I paused for a photo of sailboats on the Charles–which has to mean that warmer weather is coming eventually!

ImageAfter a quick stop at mile 13 in Charlestown for some Gatorade refueling and stretching, I was back on track. Miles 16-19 were rough, but the thought of a muscle-relieving ice bath and chocolate milk got me through. The first few minutes of the ice bath were rough (and I just use really cold water because I’m not brave enough for ice yet) but I really think it makes all the difference and helps with recovery. And I look pretty cool doing it!

Image I feel contented that I got the miles in, and now I am confident that I am for the challenge that Boston presents.

I’m off to foam roll, ice, stretch and eat some more food in the comfort of my own apartment, where no one will ask me how hungry I am. Have a great night!


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