Losing my lug nuts and my mind

Did you know lug nuts are pretty important and without them you should NOT be driving a car? Not going to lie, friends, I did not know this when I was loading up my car for the day ahead and saw this. There were three missing but I put one back on because I’m handy like that.


After driving to work, which thankfully was a safe and uneventful trip, I sent this photo to my dad and received a frantic “do not drive and get your car towed” text. Big oops. After I drove the car again down the street to the mechanic, he informed me “someone is messing with your car.” And a similar event occurred 3 weeks ago. Creepy.  The police department was amazing and sent a nice officer over right away to investigate. Citing it as “malicious damage”, he told me detectives would be calling in the next few days. And to look for him in a few weeks as he is tackling Boston too. Nobody better come near my car tonight….and I will now be checking the lug nuts daily.

Now for the gym. I was ready to try out a new pair of shorts (experimenting to find the perfect shorts for the marathon-haven’t found them yet so suggestions welcome), and get an easy treadmill run in. My shins had other plans. Feeling quite defeated and distracted with the missing lug nut/needing to file police report/so thankful I made it to work safely this morning, I stretched and left the gym. Stupid shins. I don’t like you. You held up quite nicely for my long run on Saturday and for lifting yesterday, so I guess it’s my fault for not resting. Cue ice and a rest day tomorrow.  Just hoping I can nip this in the bud with wearing sneakers to work tomorrow and icing like a crazy person. Which I am.

Things are a little uncertain and overwhelming now–job for next year/apartment and most importantly marathon outfit. But…..I got a wonderful envelope filled with my Runner Passport, marathon program and Adidas catalog for sweet Boston 2013 gear. Yay!!!

ImageAnd so, for now, I’ll take a little break from all things important and enjoy a little glass of vino, some roommate chatter and cookies (which I baked when avoiding important things yesterday). Procrastination is a blessing sometimes.

What are you FAVORITE running shorts? Any other gear advice that will hold up for 26.2 miles?

Has anyone ever used wheel locks? Not sure what these are but maybe something I need to look into?


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