Taking it Easy and Looking for Signs of Spring

It’s hard to believe that I’m just over 14 days away from running the Boston Marathon. 26.2 miles. Lots o’ hills. And people. And adrenaline. I feel confident, and know I will finish the Boston Marathon on April 15th.  Until then, my goal is to stay injury free, get rest (if that’s possible for anyone to do) and get pumped up!

Being home this weekend for Easter is a nice break from the craziness of things in Beantown. And it meant I could run with a friend this morning, outside instead of on a treadmill, and focusing on talking rather than mileages and speed. I was a little nervous beforehand because I have shin-splint paranoia, and made her promise to slow her speed a bit for me. We ran just under 4 miles this morning, enjoying the crisp, almost Spring air, and got some quality catching up in.  Tomorrow will bring 10 miles with another running friend; oh, it’s nice to be home and have friends to run with-they make the time and miles fly by and allow for plenty of talking.  I’m embracing this taper period, really trying to go easy on my body. I’m going to keep running, keep my legs moving, but do my best to enjoy the runs I do so that I am physically and mentally prepared for Boston in a few weeks.

Another perk of being home is having a wonderful mom who stocks the fridge with the foods I like, including a leaning tower of yogurt in my favorite flavors. Which I may or may not have put into a pyramid for a fun photo op (go ahead, make fun 😉 )


I am enjoying time babysitting my favorite kids, being with my family, and looking out for signs of spring.  Playing outside today in just a light jacket was a welcomed change-now to see some buds on trees and flowers starting to bloom. Happy Easter Weekend!


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