For Easter, I got lots of things I didn’t want

No, these aren’t the words of a 23 year old who was very lucky this Easter, rather they are the words of a certain first-grader who hasn’t yet developed his filter.  Going around the classroom asking the kids “what’s the news?” from the previous weekend always guarantees a myriad of funny and appalling shares.

Easter weekend at home was a busy, relaxing time full of catching up with friends, running, quality family time on Easter, and more food than I’ve eaten in a long time.  I could barely wait for the 3 o’clock bell on Thursday afternoon so I could jump in the car and get on the road home.  I love being home.  Catching up with friends over wine and coffee (not at the same time) was delightful, though there is never enough time. Saturday morning meant a great run-10.5 miles to be exact through the neighborhoods and hills in town. 10.5 miles literally flew by with all the catching up and talking that ensued, it certainly makes me miss my running buddies! Running alone is just not the same.  AND I found a sign of spring!! Hopefully it hasn’t disappeared with the chilly temps this morning, but on Saturday this is what I saw:

ImageEaster was a brunch-filled day of hunting for Easter eggs, catching up with family and holiday fun. There may still be a neon yellow egg hidden in our backyard (which is odd because that was definitely the brightest color).  Our Easter egg hunt is legit. My mom does not mess around. Though I did when I was hopping, okay walking, through our yard early on Sunday hiding eggs and re-hiding the ones my mom had hidden in “easy” spots.  While I still moped a bit because I didn’t get a basket and a color of eggs to look for (something about my age…) it was lots of fun helping the shrieking kids search for their eggs. After the hunt, we all had a hard time because there wasn’t nearly enough dessert for everyone. Kidding. There was a ridiculous number of desserts on the table. The only downside to Easter was the drive back. The 5 hour drive back to be exact. But I’ll save the downsides for another day. For Easter, I got lots of things I DID want.


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