Getting out of my head…for an hour and fifteen minutes

I’ve heard for so long and from so many people that yoga is the perfect counterpart to running and that it would help me so much with all my injuries. I’ve considered it, wondered where I’d fit it in my schedule and what workouts I would sacrifice for yoga, and that’s as far as I got. When a friend asked me to join her tonight for a hot yoga class, my first thought was I’ll try it, but will be nauseous, come close to passing out and feel gross. Yes, I tried it. No, none of those things happened.

After a crazy marathon day (excuse the pun, it won’t get old until April 16th) of work and babysitting, I stopped home for just a few minutes and was off to class. I signed the waiver that basically said I won’t sue (or my family won’t) if I die and BAM, walked into the balmy room.  I really tried to listen to what the instructor said about paying attention to my breath. And for once I did. The next hour was so challenging; I balanced on one foot, I stretched my body to the max, I poured sweat–literally poured sweat onto my mat. And for once, I STOPPED thinking about everything. For the class, my mind was free of job worry, apartment worry, work worry, lack of sleep worry. This has not happened in a long time-I am always going and never stop. And while I’m back to thinking about things again, yoga tonight let me push pause on this crazy reel running through my head. I think I am a convert. Only next time I will bring a bigger towel because the small one I brought was barely enough for my forehead. Hot yoga=total detox=never sweat so much in your life. And I loved it.

Try something new, something you think “isn’t you.” Super corny I know. But I did and Friday will be all the better because of it.

What’s the most out of your comfort zone you’ve gone with a workout? Runners-do you yoga as well? What are your thoughts?


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