7 Things for 7 Miles…and Happy Saturday

3 o’clock yesterday hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt like I could’ve fallen asleep right then, but that would’ve made the whole errands and driving home thing difficult. Meeting a friend for a pedi was just what the doctor ordered, and the hour of pampering and good friend chat was fabulous.  Gearing up for my last long run last night felt strange; because of the shorter distance I only needed to fill two water bottles, needed less Gu, and yet it still felt like a big deal because a taper run meant the marathon is right around the corner. Instead of giving you the play by play, I’ll give you 7 things for 7 miles, or 7.36 miles to be exact.

1. Taking Gu before the run will change your life. Or it changed mine at least. I’ve always done Gu during the run, even though it says right on the package to do it 15 minutes before starting, but that changed today. Wow! Holy speed and energy. Definitely going to take a Gu before starting 26.2.

2. Weird things happen on a run. Like two of my toes going numb and getting an awkward foot cramp that lasted for the whole run. Sweet. Hoping this doesn’t happen again anytime soon.

3. Sunshine is deceiving. Looking outside this morning, and even seeing the temperature on my phone, I knew it would be chilly and that I’d have to wear running tights, but I was not ready for the wind. Freezing wind meant I had to change the direction of my route several times and was CHILLY (yes, I could’ve gone home for gloves and a hat but that would’ve given me the chance to bail on the run).

4. Seeing other runners is Inspiring. Especially when the other runners are the strong, determined teenagers who are a part of Dreamfar and are training for a marathon of their own. Running a marathon in high school-Wow. Seeing them certainly kept me moving.

5. The Garmin is great. Being able to monitor my pace allows me to slow down or speed up to keep my marathon-goal pace, and seeing the mileage as I go is so motivating.

6. Sometimes a reward gets me through a run. Today I gave myself a triple reward for conquering my last long run.  A trip to Target, a lovely lunch catching up with great college friends and a yummy burger for dinner. That may or may not have been worth the 45 minute wait (WHY do people get so excited for hamburgers and fries?!). I had so much to look forward to after the run, which helped on a day like today when I wasn’t feeling it.


7. Getting in the groove happens after several miles. Today it happened after 7. That’s when I was finally feeling good and like I could keep running forever. Too bad I had to stop because I’m trying to make sure my body gets lots of rest. Oh well, hopefully I’ll be in my groove for all 26.2 miles in 8 days!

IMG_2417Whatever you are doing, Happy Saturday!


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