Let the countdown begin

One week from tonight I will be enjoying dinner with family and getting ready to run 26.2 miles the next morning. I definitely wouldn’t be doing anything silly like having a freak out and letting nerves get to me. Because I did that today.  Looking at the calendar this morning made it real-in 8 days I am running the Boston Marathon. Woah. I was able to shake my nerves for an hour with a crazy hard workout, although that meant airing my opinions about every exercise the trainer had me doing (note-they weren’t all positive opinions). 

In the spirit of being positive and trying to minimize nervous thoughts, here are my goals for the next week.

1. Get more sleep. Even if it’s going to bed a few minutes earlier each night, it counts for something and it means more minutes my body gets to rest.

2. Eat some pasta. Many people now doubt the whole “carbo-loading” thing, but why not give myself an excuse to eat a little more pasta in the next week?!

3. Foam roll. Stretch. Repeat. Image

‘Nough said.

4. Finalize my marathon outfit. And hopefully test it out on at least one short run, since trying it out during yesterday’s run failed due to crazy wind and cold.

5. Stop stressing. Ha, I had to write that, but for anyone who knows me you know there is zero chance of that happening. Ever. Well, I can try to at least focus on my excitement.

Have a great start to the week!



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