“Urkel? As in Steve?” and why you shouldn’t google your ailments

Today has been a bit rocky. Waking up this morning, I was panicking that the marathon wasn’t going to happen and that there was something disastrously wrong with my leg. Yesterday my calf was bothering me, and I just assumed it was sore from working out and got to business foam rolling. And massaging the muscle. Ouch. After noticing that my calf was swollen and hurt to the touch last night, I started googling. Word of advice-if you have a medical ailment DO NOT google. Unless you want to find “doomsday scenarios” (as a wise friend put it) and think that you are dying a slow and painful death. I read enough articles last night that when I went to the doctor this morning, he asked what I thought my diagnosis was. Good thing I was wrong-I won’t even tell you the worst-case scenarios I was thinking about. I pulled my calf muscle. Sounds pretty tame, and hopefully it is, although it hurts like heck. Fingers crossed some icing, heating (not one after the other), wearing my fabulous neon compression socks to work, and resting my leg will help things so that I am in running shape for Monday!

So, this morning was a bit rough. After talking with my parents and a friend, I’ve decided that the only thing to do is to force myself to be positive. I’m going to run Monday. And it will be great. And I got this awesome jacket to boost my spirits a bit too.


Speaking of lifted spirits, a few choice lines from my favorite first graders and one from my roommate have made my day. According to one of my kiddos “George Washington is on the dollar. Actually, he’s the person who makes dollars.” Did you know that? I learn something every day. Tonight, don’t ask me why, but I asked my roommates how to spell Urkel. And her response, well, you don’t need me to type it again, is the title of this post. Do you know any other Urkels? Clearly I need to get out more.

Have a wonderful Tuesday night, and if you’re thinking of googling something, step away from the keyboard!


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