Dreamfar or Go Home

I am a physical therapy believer. After Jamie, who runs the  Dreamfar organization, heard about my injury, she got me into physical therapy and WOW. One session yesterday and I was able to walk with no pain all night and all day today. Second session today and I was practically skipping out of the place. Well, I wanted to, and would in fact love to get a tiny run in before Monday, but I’m not going to because I want my body to be rested and healed as much as possible for the race.

I learned quite a bit about leg muscles today and also that for whatever reason, the range of motion in my left leg is less than in my right. And all issues, from shin splints to hip soreness to this calf pull were in the left leg. Huh.

Anyways, I got a lovely visit today at school from Jamie, and she delivered this. I am SO excited and for anyone contemplating watching, you certainly won’t miss me in my fluorescent orange!

ImageToday was clearly meant to be a day of lots of learning. PT and my daily education from 6 year olds. Today’s lesson was presented in the form of a question. “Ms. Sacco, if you burp in the quiet test does that mean you’re out?” Apparently the quiet game is still popular, but the jury is still out on whether or not burping constitutes an out. The arm farting that was going on this same lunch table was a definite out in the game, or so I decided. Whatever your goal is, whatever competition you are in (even if it is the quiet test), Dreamfar or Go Home!


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