Beef, Pork, Rice…and the Boston Marathon Expo!

As I drove into the city with my friend Elizabeth and we walked over to the Marathon Expo, I started feeling like a little kid on Christmas Eve. So anxious and excited and just wanted to be there so badly! Getting our numbers, t-shirts and bags for race day was pretty quick, and then we entered the expo. Wow. Holy running apparel, headbands, gu, protein bars, sneakers, treadmills, free snacks, oh and beef, pork and rice. Who knew these three foods were marathon expo worthy, let alone worthy enough to each have their own booth. I might be slightly bitter that I only got a cookbook from spinning the prize wheel at the rice booth (and Elizabeth got free rice). To cheer myself up, I settled for a delicious Hawaiian sweet roll. This counts as carb-loading, right?













Walking around the expo was SO COOL. So many runners, old, young, moms, dads, serious athletes, people who came to Boston from all over the world. Lots of motivation and I bet lots of speedy runners! In addition to scoring lots of free snacks, eating my way in random samples of energy chews and protein bars (excellent idea I know), we got to sign a banner that soooo many others had covered in messages, bib numbers and names.


Such a fun way to spend the afternoon and to start getting pumped up for Marathon Monday. I was heartbroken when we had seen every booth and it was time to leave.

ImageNow time for eating pasta, icing and resting legs, and getting my playlist together. Three days and counting!


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