For Boston

In the words of my alma mater, “For Boston, for Boston, we sing our loud refrain.” The more than 27,000 thousand runners and countless spectators of yesterday’s marathon were out for Boston, for the city, for the marathon, for the charities they ran for, for the runners they love. To say I am heartbroken is an understatement. This isn’t the post-marathon post I planned, but nothing else seems right at the moment. Hopefully sometime soon I can share the excitement and motivation of miles 1-25.5, but for now this is what I have.

The chaos and tragedy that ensued from 2:50pm yesterday consumed me, my family, my friends, and countless runners and spectators who came out for what was supposed to be an exciting day full of running, cheering and celebration. On a personal level, I have never experienced the shock and terror I did when I reached the halfway point between mile 25 and 26. I found out from a third party that my family was okay, but had no way of reaching them physically or by phone. I was alone in the city. But I was not alone in my confusion, sadness, and devastation over what had happened. Yesterday extended so far beyond me, because I was lucky. My family and friends were safe and by evening we were together.

Others weren’t so lucky. For all the motivation and inspiration that marathoners exude, nothing could’ve shielded the innocent victims from this heartless act of terror. The sadness throughout the city was so deep, and was felt by the youngest of children. My friend’s son, after hearing the explosion and seeing the faces of people around the city asked, “why do people look so sad?”. Sad. Angry. Helpless. Grateful. It is truly unimaginable to think how someone could do something that impacted so many people and took children from their parents, parents from their children.  While I am still in complete shock, I am trying to hang onto the love I have for my family and the words of a friend, “someday, someway, you will see how you impacted April 15th; how what you did on that day will have an effect on someone else.” This hope, and the hugs and smiles from all my favorite kids, is all that’s getting me through. May you have what you need to get through and may we all find some way to help those who were so deeply hurt by the events of yesterday.


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