For Here All Are One

I have missed writing here. And I will write again soon. But for now, I’m so thankful that we are safe tonight and bravery trumped cowardice. My heart is still aching for those victimized and affected on Monday, April 15, 2012, and they will never be forgotten. For tonight though, I hope we all can sleep a little bit easier knowing there is no terror in the streets of Boston and our home is safe. The city of Boston stood together today, everyone in their own towns, in their own neighborhoods, in their own homes, but together in spirit and in faith. The amazing and brave first responders, members of SWAT, FBI, BPD, National Guard and other law enforcement agencies, have given us some peace amidst a week of turmoil, confusion and sadness.

I’m hoping soon I will have the energy to write a post about the great day that Monday was prior to 2:50pm, and all the inspiring individuals I encountered, but for now I’m thinking of the inspiration and bravery shown in the streets of Boston today. Sleep well, Beantown.



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