Getting back in the swing of things

Day by day, I am getting there. Everyday more and more stories of individuals committing to run the Boston Marathon next year, victims being reunited with their rescuers, and amazing “pay it forward” gestures, are helping me get there. What happened last Monday was not about me, it affected me and sent me reeling, but it is about coming together as a community, celebrating heroes, and realizing how deep caring and love for one another and our city goes.

Last week was also school vacation week. Which means that this week has included lots of getting back into school routines, errands, trying to eat more healthily and making my way back to running.  The gorgeous weather yesterday and today definitely helped get me in the running spirit; I was beyond excited to run with a friend after school in a tank in shorts. I can’t remember the last time I ran without my super warm running tights. Oh, and my sweet new sneaks helped in the motivation department as well 🙂

ImageIt felt good to run. Actually it felt amazing. My legs were ready, I was ready. I am ready for my next running challenge, my next goal. For today that goal was survive my training session.  I did it, though the jury is out on whether or not I’ll be racing my first graders on the field tomorrow or too sore to do anything more than a hobble across the playground. 

Now for the healthy eating part of “getting back into the swing of things.” I figure if I eat healthily for most meals, a nightly treat can’t be all that bad. I rediscovered quinoa last night, and might have found another way I like to eat it (other than covered in cheese and breadcrumbs). Progress. Healthy dinner followed by ice cream, it’s all about the balance, right? And slowly but surely, with lots of balls in the air, I’m finding my balance again.

I want to do something for those who were hurt, killed and affected in last week’s tragedy. But I figure I need to get myself back on track before I can do anything for anyone else. Kind of like the airplane safety message of “secure your own oxygen mask before helping someone else.” First step, getting back into the swing of things.


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