“She nows eveything” except how to get through the week.

The misspellings in the title are intentional, I promise. Read on to see why. This week has hit me like a ton of bricks. Literally. The combination of a quick trip home for some fun family time and my cousin’s first communion followed by a week of interviews, apartment hunting, work and trying to get back into my workout routine has been tough.  I was managing, putting on a smile during the day, collapsing into my bed at night. This system was working, admittedly I wasn’t feeling great, but it got me through to Tuesday.

Then last night I got home and there was a box from the BAA waiting for me. My yellow finisher’s bag, the bag that I packed full of gu, pretzel goldfish, cozy running clothes, sunscreen and extra headbands (in case 1 wasn’t enough) the night before the marathon, had finally made its way back to me. The bag still had my bib number on it and the duck tape I reinforced it with had helped it stay in one piece over the last few weeks. Opening the box, however, left me in a few pieces when I started to think about April 15 and the tragedy that ensued. I keep saying that I am lucky, I have so much to be grateful for, and I do, but April 15 was still traumatic for me. And I am still reeling from it. I have drawn so much strength from the Boston Strong spirit throughout the city, and my amazing family and friends, who have had to deal with Marathon Monday for themselves and have helped me through it. It’s a work in progress, but I hoping that giving myself the chance to process, feel a bit sad, will help me get the peace that two young men tried to rob a city of on that day.

I ran today. For the first time since race day. My goal was to ignore my watch, embrace the weather, the spirit of the runners covering the reservoir and enjoy the music. For the first half, I was too “in my head” and didn’t enjoy it, but slowly but surely that changed. 30 minutes and I felt like a new person. I was glad to get back out running in Boston, and it seems pretty fitting that I did it on May 1, new month and time for new goals.

ImageI chose not to use my Garmin today because a) I was trying not to think about distance and b)it was dead–happily charging now!

Amidst the crazy week that I am halfway through, I got some first grade love and am relishing in it. After a meeting today, I found a paper on my desk that read, “I love you so much. I like you and I love you so much she nows eveything in the hole would”. Nothing like a little love, full of misspellings and no punctuation, to make all right in the world. To be honest though, I quickly discovered that said first grader made nearly identical notes for all the teachers in our room. Let’s just pretend we didn’t know that. 😉


ImageI loved seeing this tree, which we planted in memory of my grandpa, in full bloom this weekend. Aah, spring 🙂

I’m taking a breath, feeling the love, and looking ahead. Happy Hump-Day!


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