5 things for 5 miles

One of the only reasons I will willingly get up early on a Saturday morning is to run. The first few minutes of being awake are a battle, and getting myself out of the covers and to stand up is a struggle, but I’ve never been disappointed after getting out for a morning run. And the gorgeous week of Spring we’ve had in Boston made me all the more excited. 5 miles done, catching up with an amazing running friend, feeling inspired by all the runners that I passed (ha, I passed maybe 1 and everyone else passed me). Here’s 5 for 5.

1. The Charles River is one of my favorite places to run. The river and anchored boats are so peaceful, the rowers give me motivation to put one foot in front of the other, and the strength training areas make me really want to do a pull-up. In my dreams! It is really so pretty there and so many paths to run on.


2. I remembered today how much I love running. My playlist was going, new shoes on, pushing myself for little speed intervals before dropping back to a casual pace, running with a friend. The best way to start the day.

3. Running shoes might be my latest fashion obsession. Seriously. When can you wear a shoe that is so bright and fun and also is wicked comfortable? On a running path šŸ™‚ I love admiring other runners’ shoes as they blaze past me.

4. Weather makes a difference. Even though there was the usual wind factor running along the river, the shining sun kept me comfortable. Couldn’t have asked for a better morning for a run.

5. I’m ready for a race. Maybe not right now, maybe not until the summer, but I’m ready to sign up for something, work towards a goal and accomplish it again. I’m ready to feel pre-race nerves and calm after the gun goes off to start the race. Now to find the perfect one.

ImageReady to rock the Fairfield half on a steamy Sunday last June with one of my favorite runners. Notice that I’m already all shiny with sweat, and the race hadn’t even began.

Get outside, enjoy the day, set a goal for yourself šŸ™‚


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