Considering a second career…

…in auto repair. No joke. Today marks the fifth time I’ve had to deal with car stuff in the last two months. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a big whine about how my car continues to require more and more money and time. Instead, I’m realizing just how much I can now tell you about cars. I know all about tire treads, the fact that my back two were at 4/32″ depth means it was time to replace them even without the bubble in one of them. I could tell you about 50,000 and 60,000 mile warranties-which to me just meant $20 more. And, after tomorrow, I can hopefully tell you that the “Safelight” commercials are true and they really can save the day. Stay tuned for that statement, sometime after the 8-12 window during which someone is supposed to come and repair my cracked windshield in the school parking lot. 

Dealing with all this car stuff, the job stuff, the apartment stuff, the life balance stuff, definitely makes me feel like a grown-up. From 8-3 everyday I know that I’m a grown-up, but sometimes I forget about my adult status after dismissal when I am no longer surrounded by 6 and 7 olds. Good thing they still look up to me enough not to question my soccer coaching skills. When asked to split them into teams today, I failed to account for skill and accidentally stacked the teams–whoops! Clearly I need to get more on my soccer game so I can more fairly make teams.

In efforts to get back to working out, I thought I’d discuss what I’ve been doing in the last few days. Yesterday was an hour-long session with my trainer, a splurge that I give to myself because he makes me work really hard and do way more than I would if I was working out on my own.  After cardio circuits yesterday, I still am not a fan of the rowing machine, but I am hoping it will grow on me.  For someone who lacks hand-eye coordination like me, any activities in which I’m running or doing a sit-up and throwing a heavy medicine ball at the same time can be dangerous. While I was able to talk my way out of running and throwing and catching the ball, I was miraculously successful at doing a crunch and bouncing the ball of a trampoline (except for the first time when the ball whacked me and I had no shot of catching it). I definitely felt like a champ after doing that.

Whatever makes you feel like a champion, make sure you do it every once in a while–it feels good 🙂 Tomorrow will bring more car stuff, pricing out having my brake pads replaced, and hopefully some more evenly split soccer teams. Bring it on, Tuesday!


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