Ladybugs and When it’s Okay to Cry

So apparently, it’s Teacher Appreciation Week. This morning, I got a sweet card and box of fun ladybug clothespins from one student, who’s mom had to ask me to remind him he had a present for the teachers in the room 😉 Another first grader brought me perfectly purple flowers in a paper cup. Sweet kids in my room. It’s lots of fun to reap the perks of Teacher Appreciation Week, but I have to acknowledge how much I appreciate my job. Every day, I get to get up and greet 21 bright-eyed (mostly, sometimes they are a little sleepy) little people who are looking forward to art class and recess, and their biggest problem is that they forgot to write down the book they read in their reading log.

The surprise comedy moments I experience every day are one of the best parts of my job. A personal favorite today was a response to “What should we do when we get frustrated if something is hard? Crumple up our papers and have a temper tantrum?” We should cry. Well, obviously, that’s the only logical thing to do when times get tough. And hey, I can totally respect and relate to that answer. And for the record, no one cried making 3-D shapes, though we had to remind a few kids that sometimes you need to ask for help before you turn your shape into a flatten crumpled paper.

I get some of my best lines from 6 and 7 year olds. And I’m not afraid to admit it. Kids who ask if they can play rock, paper, scissors, or if it’s too violent? Yep, you know they’re awesome. Even on a day like today when I boarded the struggle bus at 8:30 missing one of my two daily cups of coffee, my first grade peeps guarantee me at least one laugh.

I’m off to decompress from a day of windshields and movers. And hopefully to get a few more laughs in before I collapse into bed. Happy Hump-Day!


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