Roses, a diamond, and an attitude adjustment.

I’m pretty sure my first graders are the coolest people in my life. Yesterday, one of the boys gave me a diamond. The necessary follow-up to this is to tell you that this diamond was drawn with black and blue markers on a piece of paper, carefully cut out and “delivered” to me.  I was greeted yesterday morning with a chocolate cupcake. And this morning, with a bouquet of white roses. Just when I think it’s been one of the longest weeks I’ve had in a while, three special deliveries totally change my attitude.

Attitude. It can totally change a workout, a meeting, a day at work. When I was little, I can remember my grandma telling me I needed an “attitude adjustment” when I would get a little grumpy. And while I haven’t been grumpy (maybe just a bit whiny), I think I could still benefit from an attitude adjustment. Juggling lots of things at one time is part of being a grown-up. And I think being 23, and being responsible for 21 kiddos makes me a grown-up.  Over the last few weeks, I have consumed myself with the business of day-to-day life and errands. I’ve decided it’s okay to feel down because, after all, I have been dealing with the aftermath of April 15. So have a lot of other people. Yes, there’s a lot going on. And yes, I’m still trying to figure out if I’ll have my own classroom for next year. But there’s much to be grateful for.

I’m grateful for my family, that I am healthy and get new chances to run every week. I’m grateful for my friends, those at work who can share an eye roll or an “Oh My God” as we lead lines of crazed kiddos down the hallway. I’m grateful for a great run around my neighborhood and the reservoir with a friend, the perfect way to start the weekend. At times the sun was definitely a bit hot, but after a long, cold rainy, few months of runs it certainly is nice to be able to run in shorts and a tank. So today, my attitude adjustment was a great run.

I’m thankful it’s FINALLY Friday and that I got a run in today, fingers crossed it’s not down pouring and I can get another one in on Sunday. Happy running, Happy Friday, Happy weekend!


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