Looking Forward

Yesterday marked a month since the Boston Marathon. It is truly crazy how fast time flies; I was not at all prepared to hear a month had passed when I turned on the news yesterday morning. Driving through the city this week, the yellow and blue Boston Strong and One Fund signs offered a comfort and a reminder that Boston is a city united. Much has happened over the last month, and I have tried to look forward at what I can do to show the strength of the city I live in.

A package came in the mail from the BAA on Tuesday afternoon. My medal. No, not my medal, but the medal that I was supposed to get after 26.2 miles.  It doesn’t seem right that I have it, and to be honest I’ve only looked at it once. It’s sitting in its manila envelope next to my desk. My plan is to find a way to get it to a victim’s family, to someone who needs a reminder of the strength and perseverance they possess and that all my thoughts (as well as so many others’) are with them.  My plan for the weekend is to open the envelope again, find a way to contact someone about sending my medal off, and feeling more contented is that the medal is with someone who deserves it, who needs it, who suffered in so many ways on a day that was supposed to be a celebration.

A friend said to me tonight, “I was worried after the marathon that you wouldn’t run again.” I have to admit, for a few days I didn’t think I would ever do Boston again. And then I realized I need to, for myself, for my family and friends, for the people who will never get to run. The BAA’s announcement today that all the runners who weren’t able to finish the 2013 Marathon will get to run the 2014 Marathon was a refreshing reminder to look forward. Keep running. Find new routes. Get racing again. This week, I’ve tried to remind myself of these things, and even explored the South End for a quick run yesterday.

ImageBoston is Strong. And I’m beginning to realize I am too 🙂


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