“Sorry, We’re Open” and a Wacky Week

This week has been nutty. Good things, bad things, busy things. And now this weekend brings a move. Holy-I-feel-like-I’m-neglecting-the-blog-and-I-don’t-like-it! Writing here has given me an outlet, a way to share all my stories from work and the goings-on in my life. And I’ve missed it (hopefully some of you have too!). Much of the weekend so far has been spent looking like this, smiling deliriously from box-making, bubble-wrapping, taping and lifting fun!

Image…so I figured I’d take a little break for some updates. The job search is well underway, with all the stressful interviews, lesson planning and what-if-I-don’t-get-a-job fears, and hopefully I’ll soon have something wonderful to report. For now, I’m trying to enjoy the kiddos in my class for the last 23 more days (I’m definitely not counting 😉 ) and the ways they make me laugh.

First grade humor is the best. I don’t know which is better, when they read jokes and butcher the words a bit or when they make up jokes on the spot. Immediately following the punch lines, they always burst out laughing; I don’t know if I end up laughing at the joke or at their reactions to the jokes.  Today’s favorite: There’s a store that no one really likes. What sign do they put on the door during the day? Sorry, we’re open. Cue laughter, knee slapping, possibly falling out of your lunch seat kind of excitement from the joker. The follow up joke? (For when one joke isn’t enough) “Ms. Sacco, why don’t fish like to play basketball? Because they are afraid of nets.” Nothing beats humor like this, probably because my first graders are the ones telling the jokes.

As far as workouts-this week has been sadly lacking. A run on Sunday left me with some calf pain (maybe from the run, maybe from wearing heels Saturday night) so I took a few days off. I got myself back to the gym yesterday, though it was a bit of a struggle, and I was reminded of how good working out makes me feel-strong. empowered. healthy. I’m hoping for my own sanity and physical well-being that I can back on track next week.

Speaking of my physical well-being, I checked something else off my to-do list this week and got a physical. And found out I have high cholesterol. SO strange. The recommendations are a diet low in fat and sugar and regular exercise, which I think I’m doing. I guess I’ll have to be more conscious of this and keep eating things like this for lunch-which for a mash-up of leftover roasted veggies and chickpea salad was delish!

Image 1Tomorrow I move up north for the month of June, and while the commute might be tricky, I am excited for the change of scenery and hopefully some new running routes to get me back to what I love. How do you get back into something (running or whatever) when you’ve taken a little break? I’m heading back to the wonderful world of packing 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!



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