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Visiting Fudgeries and Eating Lobstah

Summer is finally year. And it happened to coincide with the first day of summer on the calendar. To celebrate the arrival of warm weather, I thought I’d do a little recap of my adventures today. I convinced a friend to venture up to the North Shore this morning, and we were off on our adventure to Rockport. After we finally found a parking space on a residential street, and received the warning that my side mirror might be ripped off by a passing bus, we walked into town.

Serious food overload. We walked pass at least five ice cream shops, including one actually named The Ice Cream Store, fudgeries, candy stories, and a strudel shop. It was a bit overwhelming to be honest, but we were able to settle on visiting a fudgery and ice cream store. After lunchin’ on some lobstah of course. Why choose between lobster tacos and lobster salad when you and a friend can each get one and share? That’s what we did. Pure genius.

We were eager to do a little sight seeing after lunch, well, let’s be honest, we were a little eager to take a few pictures 😉

ImageImageSeaside window shopping was pretty fabulous. Who doesn’t want a sign that reads “my grandchild is a cat?!” Somehow I passed on that shopportunity.  To console myself, I settled for a gigantic waffle cone of ice cream. Yum.

So we didn’t come home with the sign reading “I don’t skinny dip, I chunky dunk,” but a bag of fudge and chocolate was souvenir enough.


Catching Rainbows

The past few weeks have been a total blur.  Several times I remembered this blog I used to write, and then it got too late, my eyes wouldn’t stay open, lunches needed to be made and laundry done. There will always be excuses to be made, deadlines to be met, phone calls to return, and sometimes it takes stepping back, or in my case entertaining every thought in my head during commutes, to recognize what it is important. I really missed writing and running. Sadly, the running part needs to wait a bit longer–after a measly mile on Sunday evening my calf was in persistent pain all night. I have an appointment with a sports medicine doctor next week, so hopefully I’ll get some clarity on everything that is going on and how I can move forward then.

LOTS of wonderful things have happened in the last few weeks. I ventured out a few weekends ago and did a little solo beach exploring, and was amazed at how gorgeous beaches are up here on the North Shore.

ImageImageThis gorgeous scenery even inspired me to channel my inner 9 year old and do a little shell collecting…and donut eating…ImageGiven my sweet tooth, passing up a homemade donut was not an option 😉

After I finally got the news I’ve been waiting to hear for the last two months, the last year really-I have my first teaching job. As in I’m a real teacher, in charge of the classroom (well co-teaching) and 23 4th graders come September. Woah. Driving home the night I found out I saw the biggest rainbow I’ve every seen. Monday night on my drive home, I spotted a double rainbow. Seeing a rainbow never gets old, or maybe I just get way too excited by things.

As things continue speeding forward-setting up a classroom and planning for next year, figuring out how I’m going to decorate my bedroom in a new apartment, planning tutoring for summer, and hopefully speeding forward on my own two feet after the doctor next week, I want to remember to look up every once in a while. Take a minute and think about what I want to be doing and how I can make it happen. Maybe I’ll even catch another glimpse of a rainbow.

Finally Friday

I’m not sure that this week has only been 5 days. It feels a lot longer. I am sure that commuting makes me quite a bit grumpy and cynical…my apologies to anyone who I’ve talked to over the past few days and has gotten a taste of that.  Despite the long week, it is FINALLY Friday. Serious sigh of relief. Things are a bit chaotic, and I have been in such a fog that blogging has been a challenge (because there’s only so much boredom I can inflict on my lovely readers), but I’m determined to share a few of my thoughts 🙂

1. I’m pretty sure my calf strain is not healed. As someone pointed out yesterday, how could it possibly be healed when I have not rested my legs since the marathon? I’m not running the way I was pre-marathon, but I still am keeping active and trying to get back into running–which is proving to be a fail because of the aforementioned calf. I bit the bullet today and scheduled an appointment with a sports medicine doc in a few weeks, and until then will be icing and stretching like a champ.  I know I sound crazy, but I’m not sure I can stop running. It is the best stress reliever and I always feel best during or immediately following a run.

2. I get the idea behind compost but am not a fan of the logistics. “Ms. Sacco, does this bin (of slimy, half rotten banana peels and apple cores) need to go outside?” Yes, yes it does. Fast forward to a little adventure with one of my first grade buddies, opening up the compost container in the rain, and then dropping the bin in. Whoops. Of course, being the super teacher that I am, this went I went “compost-diving” through a swarm of bugs to get the bin. If not for the first grader with me, there definitely might’ve been some choice language.

3. I’m attempting to embrace alone time. If the weather clears up I think I’ll enjoy it a lot more, so fingers crossed the rain clears up tomorrow. Otherwise my grand plans for walks around this sweet town, reading at the beach and ice cream eating are going to turn into some serious couch and TV time. Not that that plan sounds all that bad…

So, legs up, ice packs on, let the good times roll. Thank goodness it’s finally Friday 😉

When Ketchup Explodes…and Monday Happenings

Allow me to set the scene, it’s lunch time for first graders.  I am doing my best to open barbecue sauce, thermoses, milk cartons and start peeling oranges without getting my hands TOO dirty. I opened one sauce packet for one of my kiddos and asked him if he could try to do the next one before I stepped in. Well, try he did.  He opened the packet so face that it exploded all over the pour kids shirt and pants and face and neck. Being the good teacher that I am, I quickly jumped back and avoided getting any ketchup on myself.  The giggling that followed from my ketchup-covered friend was truly awesome, and refreshing, since I know that most other kids would not have had that reaction. We both laughed and were stunned, but managed to get it together to clean him up….well, as much as you can “clean up” ketchup that has been rubbed all over clothing.

Moving on from my daily dose of first grade comedy, I was excited that the rain cleared up and the humidity dropped because I really wanted to get a run in.  The plan was to run to the beach. And it WAS a great plan. Despite the lovely sights and playlist pumping, my calf strain started acting up. I’m wondering if it hasn’t healed from pre-Boston Marathon, or if I aggravated it again getting back into running. So my run turned into a jog, turned into a walk, and then amped back up to a run-walk for the last 2 miles. Good thing the sights were pretty 🙂


ImageIf I go back to “a run is a run is a run” then I guess it counts. I’m just hoping a few rest days and an icing regimen will get me back in tip-top shape again. I’m off to ice and recover from the ketchup trauma, and indulge in a little Bachelorette before bed.

For those of you who have had calf strains, or other kinds of muscle injuries, how long was recovery time? Any tips to speed it up??