When Ketchup Explodes…and Monday Happenings

Allow me to set the scene, it’s lunch time for first graders.  I am doing my best to open barbecue sauce, thermoses, milk cartons and start peeling oranges without getting my hands TOO dirty. I opened one sauce packet for one of my kiddos and asked him if he could try to do the next one before I stepped in. Well, try he did.  He opened the packet so face that it exploded all over the pour kids shirt and pants and face and neck. Being the good teacher that I am, I quickly jumped back and avoided getting any ketchup on myself.  The giggling that followed from my ketchup-covered friend was truly awesome, and refreshing, since I know that most other kids would not have had that reaction. We both laughed and were stunned, but managed to get it together to clean him up….well, as much as you can “clean up” ketchup that has been rubbed all over clothing.

Moving on from my daily dose of first grade comedy, I was excited that the rain cleared up and the humidity dropped because I really wanted to get a run in.  The plan was to run to the beach. And it WAS a great plan. Despite the lovely sights and playlist pumping, my calf strain started acting up. I’m wondering if it hasn’t healed from pre-Boston Marathon, or if I aggravated it again getting back into running. So my run turned into a jog, turned into a walk, and then amped back up to a run-walk for the last 2 miles. Good thing the sights were pretty 🙂


ImageIf I go back to “a run is a run is a run” then I guess it counts. I’m just hoping a few rest days and an icing regimen will get me back in tip-top shape again. I’m off to ice and recover from the ketchup trauma, and indulge in a little Bachelorette before bed.

For those of you who have had calf strains, or other kinds of muscle injuries, how long was recovery time? Any tips to speed it up??


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