Finally Friday

I’m not sure that this week has only been 5 days. It feels a lot longer. I am sure that commuting makes me quite a bit grumpy and cynical…my apologies to anyone who I’ve talked to over the past few days and has gotten a taste of that.  Despite the long week, it is FINALLY Friday. Serious sigh of relief. Things are a bit chaotic, and I have been in such a fog that blogging has been a challenge (because there’s only so much boredom I can inflict on my lovely readers), but I’m determined to share a few of my thoughts 🙂

1. I’m pretty sure my calf strain is not healed. As someone pointed out yesterday, how could it possibly be healed when I have not rested my legs since the marathon? I’m not running the way I was pre-marathon, but I still am keeping active and trying to get back into running–which is proving to be a fail because of the aforementioned calf. I bit the bullet today and scheduled an appointment with a sports medicine doc in a few weeks, and until then will be icing and stretching like a champ.  I know I sound crazy, but I’m not sure I can stop running. It is the best stress reliever and I always feel best during or immediately following a run.

2. I get the idea behind compost but am not a fan of the logistics. “Ms. Sacco, does this bin (of slimy, half rotten banana peels and apple cores) need to go outside?” Yes, yes it does. Fast forward to a little adventure with one of my first grade buddies, opening up the compost container in the rain, and then dropping the bin in. Whoops. Of course, being the super teacher that I am, this went I went “compost-diving” through a swarm of bugs to get the bin. If not for the first grader with me, there definitely might’ve been some choice language.

3. I’m attempting to embrace alone time. If the weather clears up I think I’ll enjoy it a lot more, so fingers crossed the rain clears up tomorrow. Otherwise my grand plans for walks around this sweet town, reading at the beach and ice cream eating are going to turn into some serious couch and TV time. Not that that plan sounds all that bad…

So, legs up, ice packs on, let the good times roll. Thank goodness it’s finally Friday 😉


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