Visiting Fudgeries and Eating Lobstah

Summer is finally year. And it happened to coincide with the first day of summer on the calendar. To celebrate the arrival of warm weather, I thought I’d do a little recap of my adventures today. I convinced a friend to venture up to the North Shore this morning, and we were off on our adventure to Rockport. After we finally found a parking space on a residential street, and received the warning that my side mirror might be ripped off by a passing bus, we walked into town.

Serious food overload. We walked pass at least five ice cream shops, including one actually named The Ice Cream Store, fudgeries, candy stories, and a strudel shop. It was a bit overwhelming to be honest, but we were able to settle on visiting a fudgery and ice cream store. After lunchin’ on some lobstah of course. Why choose between lobster tacos and lobster salad when you and a friend can each get one and share? That’s what we did. Pure genius.

We were eager to do a little sight seeing after lunch, well, let’s be honest, we were a little eager to take a few pictures 😉

ImageImageSeaside window shopping was pretty fabulous. Who doesn’t want a sign that reads “my grandchild is a cat?!” Somehow I passed on that shopportunity.  To console myself, I settled for a gigantic waffle cone of ice cream. Yum.

So we didn’t come home with the sign reading “I don’t skinny dip, I chunky dunk,” but a bag of fudge and chocolate was souvenir enough.


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