Trips to Cucumberland…and Other Summer Adventures

Sadly, Cucumberland does not exist.  But one cousin decided it sounded way better than “Cumberland Farms” when we had to do a turn-around on the way to dinner tonight. This past week has been filled with cousin adventures, sharing crazy family stories, car dancing like fools (okay it may have just been me) and eating ice cream. Every. Single. Day. Like summer should be. Oh, and tonight cousin adventures meant “gluten-free girl meets the mac-n-cheese burger and can’t say no.” I was a little jealous I didn’t order it myself.

ImageSummer has been good to me so far. Which is making it that much harder to think about the fall, though I am so excited for my own classroom. Tutoring has kept me thinking like a teacher at least one hour a week, and the four-year-old sibling yelling “me next!” when I’m working with his brothers has given me a nice ego boost (though it might have something to do with the Starburst I bring 😉 ).

Last but not least….drum roll please….I have started running again! I’m nowhere near where I was pre-injury, but two times a week of this

Imageand strengthening exercises at physical therapy is definitely helping. “This” is muscle stimulation and ultrasound, and while neither are comfortable, they are doing something right. I nearly passed out on Sunday, part from excitement, and part from near heat-exhaustion, when I made it 4 miles. For the first time in nearly two months. I’m definitely ready to get back to it, and leave the jog-walking and 19 minutes of running behind, but trying to be cautious. I keep reminding myself that a run is a run is a run.

Summer is more than halfway over, and has presented me with the challenge of balancing work and free time (a luxury for now, it will be gone in the fall!), which I think I’ve handled okay so far.  I’m ready for some more summer shenanigans, and who knows, maybe I’ll fit another visit to Cucumberland in during the next few weeks.


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