Summer Slow-down

Every June, when school gets out, I am reminded of the flurry of excitement and lofty plans that summer brings. I was fortunate enough to go an amazing family trip this summer, and then was quickly reminded of the importance of slowing down. Persistent shin splints landed me back in PT, where I learned that I walk the wrong way. I’ve always been told that I walk incredibly fast and need to slow down, and apparently the way I walk was doing damage as well. With directions from the physical therapist to focus on how my foot hits the ground, I’m trying to be more mindful of walking heel-toe and making sure my foot isn’t turning inward.

I have been running, slowly trying to build back my speed and endurance, which is sadly a slow process. Lots of time with cousins provided a lovely distraction, as did a few paddle boarding adventures. Looking ahead to the busy fall I have with starting a new classroom made me appreciate my slower summer pace a bit more. As do pool days. And barbecues. And fun dinners out.

The giant box of fourth grade curriculum is beginning to cast its shadow on me, and I’m definitely getting busy preparing for fourth grade, but I’m focusing on enjoying the last weeks of summer. Getting back to running with my new purple sneakers. Registering to run Boston 2014 when the special entry period opens in a few weeks. Planning a beach day. Getting some family time in. Doing a little back-to-school shopping. Going to cheer on my Mets. I’ll be back blogging about the adventures of moving, fourth grade and training soon enough. For now enjoying the slow-down.

A little reminder of my spring goal 🙂


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