Back to School, Fourth Grade Style

I think the perfect school schedule is 2 days on, 1 day off. Sadly, that is just how things fell into place for this week, but a girl can dream 😉 I am loving the fourth grade frenzy, getting to know 23 kiddos, learning how to co-teach and organizing to the max. Our classroom started out as rainforest themed, but we quickly realized including lions, zebras and giraffes didn’t really fit in….so we switched to wildlife. Moving into a new room, unpacking, organizing and decorating was A LOT of work,  but we definitely got a work out each day and a chance to build the classroom together.  The almost final product (because we both are obsessed and keep adding more to the wildlife decor):

ImageImageLesson #1 from teaching fourth grade: The kids will question EVERYTHING. Something seemingly simple like bring in 3 things for your Me Bag that represent you elicits questions such as Can I bring in a pet if it fits in the bag? Can I bring in a dead animal? Can I bring in pet hair? I can’t make this up. It’s clearly going to be a very educational year.

With all the learning I’ll be doing between the hours of 8 and 3, and all the set up and planning I’ll be doing before and after, I am back on the quest of finding balance, fitting in time with friends, runs, workouts, time for me…which is proving to be a bit challenging seeing as I could crawl into bed at 9pm every night. Maybe I’ll ask my fourth graders for suggestions, they seem to have lots of ideas 🙂


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